In the run up to the festive season, we wanted to remember a few of the things we have overcome and triumphed at this year. As an organization, we are tremendously proud of the things we have achieved together, this special time of year must not be taken for granted, and we acknowledge the battles we had with Covid last year. Last year, we had restrictions on what we were allowed to do with others whether it be gatherings, the NHS Covid pass, and compulsory face mask wearing in public settings. We also became an official member of the Care Alliance, which bought forth numerous benefits to employees, but, more importantly, to the healthcare sector.  Celebrating National Pharmacists Day was an important milestone in our organization as one of our key products points towards providing better pharmacy solutions.


We continued to excel in providing training for staff at Barnsley hospital, assisting in acquiring knowledge for using their new electronic prescribing system. This year, we also became the headline sponsor for HTN NOW and hosted 5 live webcasts with them. These included a product session on mobile EPMA to deliver a fully closed-loop hospital, and a session focusing on seamless reauthentication and witnessing for EPMA. Interestingly enough, the Welsh Hospital Pharmacy Stock Management System that we developed has replaced software that had been in place there for 30 years and now has nearly 2,500 users.

We held a number of webinars this year including ‘using business intelligent tools for monitoring KPIS’. This webinar showcased Intellifront BI and was held in partnership with ChristianSteven based in the US. A webinar held by our very own Dan Hinchley, exhibited a functionality demo, which featured a deep dive into our Critical Care Suite. He did this for webinars on EPMA and Pharmacy solutions too.

Celebrated moments

As an organization, we are truly diverse and this saw us celebrating and commemorating days such as Stephen Lawrence Day and also, Chinese New Year. This year, we also had a brilliant blog written by Paula Oughton celebrating diversity once again, International Women’s Day must be celebrated by everyone, and we’re proud to say that we did the day justice. We celebrated Disabled Access Day, which promotes accessibility and equal opportunities for people to try something new. We also recognize that not all members within our community share the same faith, so we celebrated events such as Diwali, Eid, and Ramadan. International Nurses Day was another major celebration for the whole Care Alliance as our products wouldn’t be nearly as effective without nurses administering drugs correctly etc. We recognize that we all need to work together to have a great impact on society and this is why we celebrated Race Unity Day as an organization. Martin wrote an great blog about ‘The Importance Of Diversity And Inclusion At CMM’, which really showed why we are all better together as one.

Another one of our key products is chemotherapy centered and we celebrated World Cancer Day, we stood together with all those who battle/d with cancer. We focused on raising awareness, detection, and treatment of all cancers. In the spirit of raising awareness, Siobhan our Project Manager wrote a lovely piece on how we can reduce stress for Stress Awareness Month. Similarly, we raised awareness for Mental Health Week as we know this can be a struggle for all. As an organization we celebrated and raised funds towards Red Nose Day, similarly, in joining the Care Alliance, we raised funds for the Ukrainian war cause, which is seeing people’s lives taken away on a daily basis.

On a more positive note, we marked an honorary celebration as an organization and nation, our Royal Majesty The Queen celebrated her Platinum Jubilee, which marks seventy years of her reign on the throne. This was a momentous occasion for the whole nation and the Care Alliance had to celebrate in style. We held a massive virtual tea party with members of staff to mark the special occasion.

A massive achievement for us all was that we rolled out EPMA in just 80 Days at Barnsley Hospital, we were so pleased because this meant that 80% of the hospital are now using CareFlow EPMA. Shortly after that, we celebrated Employee Appreciation Day which was truly deserved, we appreciate all the hard work and dedication from our staff. More great news followed shortly as EPMA went live in Cape Town ward in Chase Farm Hospital, this helped them to integrate our care systems to Improve patient safety. Barnsley hospital were so pleased with the work that we’ve done that they even acquired our web based EPMA system. They are using our system to chart drugs, administer medication, and this all improves patient safety. The Trust increased efficiency across adult inpatient areas and Improved patient safety with the fantastic digital transformation effort from the team.


This year, we also went to Digital Health and Care Scotland alongside Rewired 2022! Both of these events were simply amazing as we had the opportunity to meet with several customers and discuss our future arrangements going forward. Furthermore, the Clinical Pharmacy Congress was held at ExCel in London and provided over 250 hours of talks from industry experts. Additionally, we went to HSJ Cancer Forum where we heard from a number of senior representatives from the Care Alliance.

Ours new group CEO joined the Care Alliance helping us structure and point the whole Care Alliance in the direction of success. Talking of successes, we cannot forget our wonderful International User Conference held at The Lowry Hotel and the lavish networking dinner in Manchester Cathedral. We unveiled our brand new dispensing automation service which will undoubtedly go a long way in ensuring the safe delivery of drugs. After experiencing the dispensing automation service, there were numerous breakout sessions, a few goodies were handed out, then we ended the day with a lovely roadmap delivered by Ethan Richardson. We had so many good reviews and positive comments about the User Conference so well done team.

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