A web based pharmacy, scheduling and management solution with the most comprehensive functionality on the market.

From Prescription Management to aseptic dispensing and drugs administering, CareFlow Chemotherapy is focused on accuracy and safety. Dose calculations based on BSA, weight, AUC and CrCl, dose adjustments can be made by clinicians at the bedside and SACT protocols (based on diagnosis and intent to treat) can be verified by pharmacists and nurses prior to release and administration.

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CareFlow Chemotherapy offers a fully protocoled, electronic prescription, making it possible for the doctor to prescribe a therapy quickly and accurately. Where a treatment protocol is linked to a patient, CareFlow Chemotherapy creates a set of prescriptions by calculating the correct doses based on patient data and / or lab results.

Once the treatment and date has been approved the preparation is automatically included in the hospital pharmacy’s planning schedule. The schedule shows which chemo is to be made and delivered to which ward, at what time and for which patient. CareFlow Chemotherapy performs calculations that ensure correct preparation as configured by the pharmacy and corresponding preparations are selected and a picking list generated.

CareFlow Chemotherapy supports nurses with all activities associated with the on-ward treatment of patients. It uses barcode scanners and an extra control (4 eyes principle) to ensure the correct product is provided to the correct patient. All activities such as taking blood pressure, weighing patients, giving a leaflet and all medication delivered are prompted chronologically within the administration.

Weeg – IT is specialised industry and hospital pharmacy software that integrates with CareFlow Chemotherapy (and other information systems) to deliver weighing, measuring and reporting solution. It has been created through our teams unique knowledge of chemotherapy process and administration.

CareFlow provides a set of validation documents based on the GAMP 5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice), which can be tailored to exact customer environments.

Featuring its own integrated patient record, CareFlow Chemotherapy can also interface with PAS and other systems to provide at-a-glance visibility of patient treatments, prescription charts, dose calculations and blood results from a single screen, with patient histories a keystroke away.

Smart scheduling and capacity planning reduces treatment interruptions and appointment delays and enhanced safety features include dose-banding prompts and other decision-support tools that encourage best practice and end-to-end traceability.

Within the prescription module, the physician can first select the diagnosis, after which the system displays a list of corresponding treatment protocols. Treatment protocols are linked to patients and CareFlow Chemotherapy generates series of prescriptions by calculating the correct doses based on patient data and / or lab results.

Designed to deliver optimal cancer care


Fully paperless product delivers Closed Loop approach to chemotherapy.


Effective protocol selection and scheduling ensure each patient receives optimal medicines support.


Modular platform allows customers maximum flexibility with interfaces to leading EPR vendors.

Organisations are using our industry-proven solution to transform cancer care worldwide

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