CareFlow Critical Care for high dependency units and theatres

Seamless integration with CareFlow Mobile, Pharmacy and EPMA allows the patient’s medication record to flow throughout their hospital care journey. We provide ICU Care solutions.

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Suitable for ICU, NICU and HDU environments for both ventilated and non-ventilated patients, the system allows the full management of the patient records via a single view.

The Theatres solution has a different user interface designed for low light conditions and is a complete Theatres solution for all records from induction through to the procedure and recovery area.

Based on the Intensive Care solution, in addition, this kind of ward displays its data in 15 minute slots instead of hourly.

Provides more accurate and extensive
patient records for high dependency units, where
rapid response and decision making are vital

Workflow driven user interfaces

  • CareFlow Critical Care is a single platform with two user interfaces
  • All integrations from other systems and medical equipment are shared back to the core EPR
  • Integrates with equipment and existing core systems within the Trust or Health Board
  • CMM collects data from admission even before patients require an ICU visit.

Device Integration

  • Continuous vital signs records are received and validated according to the care plan, before integrating into the clinical record by nursing staff
  • Ventilator records are received continually into the system and stored in the clinical record once validated by nursing staff
  • Receives and records blood gas data and aligns them with validated ventilator data
  • Infusion pumps are sent infusion orders to setup the pump rate  and the system receives back the total volume infused, which feeds directly into the patient’s fluid balance record


  • Fully interoperable with other clinical solutions, allowing you to integrate the platform into your existing estate, allowing for a phased approach to consolidating clinical systems
  • Emergency Department, Intensive Care and Theatres modules are independent solutions on the platforms, however they can work with third-party solutions on a mixed environment
  • Able to be deployed in a regional approach, across an Integrated Care System (ICS)

The Critical Care suite is integrated with CareFlow Medicines Management and Mobile platform.

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