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CareFlow Mobile offers a versatile suite of apps to support a wide range of hospital processes and closed loop patient management. The apps combine to deliver improved safety and operational efficiencies.

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PharmaTrac® is a bedside scanning solution designed to ensure patient safety through the validation of medication administration. PharmaTrac® allows healthcare providers to deliver Closed Loop medicines management by allowing the Pharmacy to create 2D barcodes.
These barcodes can be placed in the dose pack containing all relevant information for the medications including lot number and expiry date.

MedTrac® logistics system is based on barcoding and mobile software that ensures full real-time visibility of your pharmacy stock in every storage area in the hospital.
Using handheld devices and barcodes you can easily receive, transfer, replenish or use any items with a simple barcode scan from supplier’s barcodes or your own.

MedTrac® supports the picking of medicines and the decommission of items picked via integration with CareFlow Pharmacy.

BTrac® enhances the safety and efficiency of the entire transfusion process, from taking samples to performing pretransfusion tests to the administration of blood components. BTrac® ensures correct identification, component traceability and patient safety throughout the entire transfusion process.
BTrac® scans patient identification wristbands and labels. For sample identification we use the number from the local PAS as the point of identification, this can be the NHS/CHI number or a local Hospital number.
The system reads any barcode type for blood component identification, and, most importantly, BTrac® standardises the transfusion process in all Ward areas.

With LabTrac®, the identification and tracking of sample collections is carried out safely and automatically, minimising the risk of error in the process . Samples are precisely identified for laboratory analyses using bar codes.
LabTrac® reduces the incidence of mistakes occurring in the identification of samples and, at the same time, guarantees traceability from the time of collection to the time of storage.

With MilkTrac®, worrying about cross contamination of breast milk is a thing of the past. Like other applications in the CareFlow Mobile suite, MilkTrac closes the loop on Breast Milk collection and donation, ensuring the right milk gets to the right baby. Twins? MilkTrac can manage that too.

Designed with safety for babies and new-borns in mind, MilkTrac enables the whole process to be monitored and controlled, from breast milk collection to feeding, including management of volumes, fractions and shelf life.

MealTrac® makes patient meals ordering and management easy, matching meal orders to patients, whilst checking compliance with their noted allergies and prescription.

– Identification in real time, avoiding allergy errors or drug interactions;
– Prevents misallocation of meals;
– Reduces the risk of human error;
– Prevents out-of-date pre-made meals from being used.

– Trace meals from ordering to eating;
– All stages in the process are registered;

Reduction in wastage:
– Enables better management of stock and volumes;
– Management of shelf life times for pre-prepared meals.

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